Patient Info

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Patient Info

At My Family ENT, our goal is to make finding the information you need as convenient as possible. Below, find everything from accepted insurance plans and patient forms, to policies on missed appointments and other patient info.

  • AARP
  • Aetna
  • All Savers
  • Allegiance
  • AmeriHealth Caritas Florida
  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • Assurant Health
  • BCBS Florida
    • Blue Card (HMO)
    • Blue Medicare PPO
    • Blue Options (Healthy Kids)
    • Blue Select
    • Florida Blue
    • Go Blue (Network Blue)
  • Care Plus
  • ChampVA
  • Cigna
    • Starmark
  • CMS Title XIX
  • Freedom Health
  • GEHA
  • GHI
  • Golden Rule
  • Florida Health Care Plans
  • Florida Medicaid
  • Health First Health Plans
  • Humana
  • Magellan
  • Medicare
    • Railroad
  • Medishare
  • Molina
  • Oscar
  • Simply Healthcare Plans
  • Sunshine
  • Tricare
    • Prime
    • Standard/Reserved Select 
  • UMR
  • United Health Care
    • AARP
    • Shared Services
    • Student Resources
  • Wellcare


My Family ENT office is open Monday through Thursday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM, and Friday from 8:00AM to noon. Pediatric patients will need a referral by their Pediatrician. Adult patients—depending on your insurance—may need a referral from your physician. An appointment for a routine evaluation can usually be obtained within one to two weeks. Urgent appointments can be obtained within a day; however, your doctor will need to call the office directly to coordinate this.

What To Bring

Please bring your current insurance card and photo ID. Non-parent guardians must bring a current Power Of Attorney. We accept credit cards and cash for payment, but we do not accept checks. Also, please complete the Patient Registration, Consent, Notice of Privacy Practices and New Patient History forms, as well as the following forms, if applicable.

Last but not least, it is strongly encouraged for you to review the Pediatric Resources and Adult Resources sections, which features conditions we frequently treat.

Missed Appointments

Just a friendly reminder that My Family ENT requires a 24-hour notice if you’re unable to make your appointment, and we have no choice but to charge a $50 cancellation fee for those failing to give us proper notice. While we understand that sometimes stuff comes up, our number one priority is to provide all of our patients the highest level of care and efficiency—and when we’re forced to devote our time and resources to empty exam rooms, it’s not fair to us, other patients, or that overall mission.

Remember, if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, we’ll be more than happy to reschedule. Just call within 24 hours to let us know and we’ll be good to go!

Important Notice

My Family ENT is committed to ensuring a safe, healthy and positive atmosphere for our patients, as well as staff. Therefore, we ask that you please abstain from using alcohol, tobacco or any other substances before your or your child’s appointment. Also, please be informed that we reserve the right to turn away any individuals smelling of smoke and/or alcohol, or who seem to be otherwise impaired, and we will take steps to remove such individuals from the premises, if needed.

Please download and print these forms (along with the Home Sleep Snoring Assessment, if applicable), fill them out completely and bring them to your first appointment. If any patient information has changed since your last visit, such as your insurance carrier or your address, please complete a new registration form. Remember to bring your insurance card and photo ID to all appointments, as well as a referral from your primary care provider, if required by your insurance company.

Patient Registration and History

Consent Forms

Notice of Privacy Practices

Melbourne Surgery Center
Melbourne Surgery Center
95 Bulldog Blvd., Ste. 104
Melbourne, Florida 32901
(321) 952-9800
Map and directions

Holmes Regional Medical Center
1350 South Hickory Street
Melbourne, Florida 32901
(321) 434-7000
Map and directions

Pediatric Appointments

It is natural for children to feel scared and nervous about seeing a physician, especially for the initial visit. Dr. Malis and the staff at My Family ENT provide a fun, comfortable atmosphere designed to distract, divert, and keep everyone at ease. Appointments never include shots!

Do you or your child need a hearing test? Don’t forget to let us know when you schedule the appointment! A separate appointment with the Audiologist will be arranged.

Adult Appointments

In preparation for your visit, please bring a list of your medical conditions, medications that you are taking, and any relevant records from other treating physicians. 

Do you need a hearing test? Don’t forget to let us know when you schedule the appointment! A separate appointment with the Audiologist will be arranged on the same day.

Balloon Sinuplasty Appointments

If you are having issues with your sinuses (e.g. recurrent infections, sinus headaches), please let the staff know when you are scheduling your appointment.

Audiology Appointments

Following a comprehensive evaluation, your audiologist will recommend the most appropriate management approach, including hearing aids and/ or other assistive listening devices. For children, medical clearance is required, by law, prior to any hearing aid fitting. Depending on the type of hearing aid selected, the audiologist may need to take an impression of the ear, using a silicone based material. For children, the audiologist will provide well fitting earmolds as your child grows. Additionally, your audiologist will provide the appropriate follow up evaluations to note progress and monitor any changes in hearing.

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